Paula Bland is a Family Nurse Practitioner that has pursued a variety of specialties throughout her career. Paula completed her Bachelors of Science with a minor in Chemistry at The University Of Louisiana at Monroe. Paula then went on to attend nursing school at Our Lady of the Lake College in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Then shortly after starting as a nurse, Paula realized that she wanted to do much more and went back to school for her Masters as a Nurse Practitioner and graduated from Loyola University in New Orleans, Louisiana. She has a national certification with the American Association of Nurse Practitioners and is in good standing. Paula's background in healthcare and chemistry has lead her to explore other areas as well.  She took an interest in hair and skin conditions and pursued and completed a certification as a licensed Laser Aesthetician. Outside of these things, Paula loves to spend time with her friends and her family.  She is married to her best friend, Christopher, and they have two bright and loving girls, Bailey and Brooklyn.  Paula is a New Orleans native and lives in the Algiers area.  


  • How long does the infusion take?

Infusions usually take between 5-10mins. But it depends on the size of the infusion. Can be as long as 30minutes.

  • How often can I receive this infusion?
    Most infusions can be given as often as needed. Most vitamins are water soluable nutrients and are metabolized very quickly from the body. Although positive effects are noticed long after a single infusion, some patients find it very beneficial to receive weekly infusions.Just ask your practitioner regarding various injections.



The Cure All

Formulated from Dr. Jon Myers IV cocktail, this infusion consists of magnesium, calcium, B vitamins, and vitamin C. Patients have reportedly found it to be effective against:

 •Acute asthma attacks


•Fatigue (including chronic fatigue syndrome)


•Acute muscle spasm

•Upper respiratory tract infections

 •Chronic sinusitis

•Seasonal allergic rhinitis

•Cardiovascular disease

 •and other disorders. 

The “C” Shot

Ascorbic acid is a water-soluble vitamin found in fruits and vegetables such as citrus fruits and green peppers. Ascorbic acid is necessary for collagen formation (e.g., connective tissue, cartilage, tooth dentin, skin, and bone matrix) and tissue repair.



It’s all about the B’s

This B Complex infusion consist of: B1, B2, B3, B5, B6

B complex vitamins promote:

  •  immune system function
  • cell growth
  •  metabolic function and nervous system function
  • skin health and 
  • muscle conditions
  • Boost Energy


Only B12 please!

 Methylcobalamin is the more bio-available of the two forms of B12, meaning that methylcobalamin is ready for the body to use once infused. Benefits of Methylcobalamin supplementation include:

  • Reduction of cardiovascular risks 
  • Alleviate Depression and Improve mood
  • Supports Immune system regulation
  • Repair nervous system damage
  • Increased metabolic function
  • Supports healthy red blood cells
  • Used in the treatment of Anemia




This Injection was meant to calm and center you for your big day. The main ingredient in this mixture is GABA.  GABA has been found to help promote Growth Hormone release for those actively training or exercising. GABA is a muscle relaxant, decreases anxiety, aids in secreting growth hormone, promotes sleep, and helps with hypoglycemia.Overview of Effects

  • - Promotes relaxation, restful sleep, and positive mood
  • - Effective treatment for Stress and Anxiety 
  • - Reduces muscle tension
  • - Pain Management